Welcome to AWGE Technologies

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Welcome to AWGE Technologies

You will find with us a partner to trust your technology development from the conceptual to the manufacturing level and test. Turn-key solutions.

Mission: Open path to continue turning possibilities into reality, creating value.
Vision: Be recognized as an integrated group in innovative and advanced solutions committed to afford compromises.
AWGE develops high value added products and services for a wide range of industrial areas such as: SCIENCE; TELECOM; MILITARY; HEALTH; INDUSTRY; SPACE.
The customer is the center of our productive processes, taken special focus to our quality system.
• Highly experienced engineers and researchers

• Multi-technological group based on innovation, research and technological developments

• Close connection between design and manufacturing departments

• High I+D investment rate (>10%)

• Ongoing training in state-of-the-art technology

• Publishing and update in prestigious international forums


Specific Devices:
• Design and manufacture meteorological gauge
• Design and manufacture cryostat to 4K
• Wasps detection
• Microwave Pasteurization and Sterilization of Foods
• Superficial tumor detection
• Particle accelerator devices

• Design and manufacture range of low noise amplifier
• Design and manufacture range of low and medium power amplifier
• Band Ku reconfigurable antenna
• Design, manufacture and test range of low loss waveguides

• Design and manufacture a cryogenic manipulator
• Quality test of coating vacuum application
• Design, manufacture and test range of low loss waveguides

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